iSbem Calculations

It is now a requirement to produce iSbem Calculations for new build commercial buildings (non dwellings).

All new buildings are required to demonstrate compliance with the Building Regulations before building control can give permission to build. In commercial buildings compliance for Section 6 (Scotland) is demonstrated using iSbem Calculations.

iSbem or The Simplified Building Energy Model is a government approved methodology which can be used to calculate the energy required to heat, ventilate and light a building over a 12 month period when used under 'normal' circumstances.

The calculation considers factors such as construction type including specific u-values for walls, roof, floor, windows etc; efficiency of heating system; efficiency of hot water system; efficiency of ventilation system; and other factors affecting energy consumption. There are two stages to the assessment, the Design Stage (required for permission to build) and the As Built Stage which is the EPC Energy Performance Certificate (required for a completion certificate).

The output of the report is a simple pass or fail. Our experienced assessors will work with you to provide the most practical solutions to achieve a pass while maintaining complete design flexibility. Need a quotation? Just give us a call or send us your enquiry