Green Deal

SEA are a Scottish based company looking to become the leading company in energy efficiency offering training to people in Scotland for Scotland.

What is Green Deal?

Green Deal is a new government scheme introduced with the intention of reducing carbon emission costs by improving the energy efficiency of British properties with no upfront costs.

Who pays for this?

With there being no upfront costs, the improvements have to be paid in some way. This is done through your energy bill e.g. if you are paying 100 per month before your upgrades and 80 per month after your upgrades a percentage of that 20 saving goes towards paying for your upgrades over an agreed time scale. This means home owners can upgrade their home while reducing bills at the same time.

How do I know what upgrades I am entitled to?

A Green Deal Advisor is required to carry out an impartial survey of your property and ask a few questions about your home. Once this has been carried out the green deal report will have a list of upgrades which will be beneficial to you. Some of those benefits include boiler upgrades, loft and wall insulation and new windows.

If you require any more information please don't hesitate to contact us or click on the DECC logo below.

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