Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

Residential/Domestic EPCs are required when selling or letting a residential property and are valid for 10 years.

If you hold a valid EPC you will not be required to obtain a new certificate every time you re-let a property, although where improvements have been made to a property, you are entitled to acquire a new EPC to reflect the new improved energy efficiency of the property.

A Residential EPC - Energy Performance Certificate provides the owner of the property and the potential buyer with an energy efficiency rating. This, together with recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the property, allow the purchaser to make an informed decision on the carbon consumption of their investment and how they can make any potential savings on their energy costs.

SEA - Scotland Energy Assessors ensures that only a fully qualified and accredited Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) can provide EPCs.

At SEA Scotland Energy Assessors, our accredited DEA will conduct a survey of the commissioned property. During this survey our assessor will collect data about the property's age, construction type and relevant energy usage, including the efficiency of heating systems and insulation.

Please contact our sales office if you require any information regarding EPCs for residential properties, OR the services that SEA Scotland Energy Assessors offers or if you require a quotation from SEA Scotland Energy Assessors to undertake a Residential/Domestic EPC.